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ϟ about me

welcome to my intro post in which i talk about me.

name camila
where santiago, chile.
when october 30th
age 20
what female, human failure

like i just said, i live in chile, which means i actually speak spanish (no tengo ningún problema con tener amigos hispanohablantes en lj btw), but soon you'll notice that this journal is like, 97% written in english, because i like it that way? idk i started and then never stopped.

some facts or whatever:
• i like getting obsessed over things and then forgetting about it to get obsessed over other things.
• i'm so lazy. so lazy. someone should punch me in the face.
• i care too much about dumb things, my priorities are a mess
• i have a dog named nero
• i want to write books which is hilarious because i never manage to finish anything
• i enjoy using the subway
• freddie mercury is the only god i pray to.
• i have absolutely no idea of what i want to do with my life
• the avengers ruined my life
• seriously i started reading comics and it's the worst choice i've ever made
• also i watched pacific rim and it ruined my life MORE
• i love sleeping i swear i'll sleep anywhere
• i unironically enjoy dubstep?
• my tumblr is a mess don't go to my tumblr
• the tsn fandom was one of my first experiences with fandom in english
that is a lie because i'm also bandom trash, fbr was my SHIT
• i don't even like panic! at the disco anymore but i'm not going to pay this website to change my username
• tho a fever you can't sweat out remains one of the best albums of our time TBQH

• i don't know what else


general reading, watching movies and tv shows, writing, taking photos, laughing, laughing until i'm crying, chocolate, sleeping, cute and tiny animals, wasting my time on tumblr, listening to music, did i said sleeping? getting too invested on fictional characters, crying at 3 am because of fanfiction. comics. olivier coipel's artwork omfg seriously i would FUCK his drawings this is not okay. eating. sushi and pizzas.

people not sebastian stan, natalie dormer, eva green, laverne cox, andrew garfield, ewan mcgregor, jesse eisenberg, heath ledger, paul bettany, rachel weisz, hugh dancy, charlie hunnam, jaimie alexander, matthew gray gubler, tyler poosey, hayley atwell, francois arnaud

music queen, the killers, mumford & sons, kanye west, awolnation, ke$ha, bastille. also other trash, here's my

movies the social network, pacific rim, captain america: the winter soldier, moulin rouge!, big fish, the girl with the dragon tattoo (fincher's), se7ven, attack the block, paranorman, wreck it ralph, brave, edge of tomorrow, brokeback mountain, catching fire, star wars (all of them, even the shitty ones), psycho, kill bill, inglourious basterds

tv shows house of cards, hannibal, orange is the new black, jane the virgin, madam secretary, how to get away with murder, orphan black, american horror story, elementary, the simpsons, bojack horseman, the legend of korra, arrow, brooklyn nine nine, the mindy project, masters of sex, my mad fat diary, please like me, the fosters, penny dreadful, marvel's agents of shield, agent carter, gotham, outlander
ended: the borgias, breaking bad, dexter, avatar: the last airbender, avengers: earth's mightiest heroes, young justice, true blood, futurama, political animals
i stopped watching but they still have a place in my heart: criminal minds, sleepy hollow, misfits, teen wolf (mostly scott has a place in my heart)
i hate this and idk why i stil watch it: sons of anarchy, the blacklist, game of thrones

books invisible monsters, the a song of ice and fire series, perfume: the history of a murderer, the picture of dorian gray, le petit prince, never let me go, the millenium trilogy, the song of achilles... i need to read more books......


tumblr active
where i spend most of the time. and by most i mean all.
twitter active
where i rant about stuff, sometimes liveblog fanfic. not sure why i have followers there
photos and stuff, mostly my dog and food
what i'm watching active
movies and tv shows i'm watching
facebook active
idk i mostly use it for uni active sometimes
music i guess
flickr hardly active
haven't updated in forever because i kind of broke my camera.
plurk basically inactive
it's like twitter, but funnier. i whish it were more popular :(
good reads active sometimes
stuff i'm reading/i've read/want to read
icheckmovies rarely active
movies i've watched (but i always forget to check in)

and those are the ones i remember.


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